The world’s first Trillionaire is actually alive today and now the demand to tap into this ultra wealthy lifestyle is a superiority race. So who is on track to reach Trillionaire status? Without having to guess too hard, it’s Mr. Bill Gates of course … Actually, the understanding of highly regarded luxury media targeting HNWI might not even be credit worthy as most might think.

Are you truly happy with your advertising in luxury media publications? Seriously, do you get ultra rich buyers knocking down your doors from advertising in the major leading luxury media outlets…. Likely, not and which attracted you to our article…. So today in this post we would like to address little secrets to attract wealthy people to buy your luxury goods and services. If your advertising in luxury media outlets can’t convert you should be trying something else.

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How do you target a Trillionaire ?

1. Steal Lifestyle Trends

By this we mean to simply follow their lifestyle trends and don’t get sidetracked by influences of those who don’t understand who luxury consumers really are. Social media is not the solution to target rich people, sorry Facebook but it’s not. The majority of wealthy people simply don’t post to social media things they do.

While leading luxury media publications might proclaim to highlight what wealthy people are doing by posting (advertising) articles on luxury goods and services. The true majority of wealthy people are not truly revealing their lifestyle trends on social media timelines.

2. Stay Exclusive

If you really want to attract and target high net worth individuals it still takes being exclusive with them period. What is the key element to do this? Create superior luxury goods products or services that solve problems. Focus on building your own mobile platform that engages and creates an exclusive invitation to connect.

3. Build Private Relationships

Rich people don’t like everybody all up in their business. We assist luxury brands with developing databases that are exclusive and some by invitation only. Social media is strictly for the masses and if you want to target people that can afford to buy ultra luxury goods focus on building private relationships over targeting the masses.

4. Be Informative Upfront

There is no quick fix solution to use advertising in luxury media publications to attract wealthy people to buy luxury goods and services. One of the best ways to attract buyers for luxury goods and services is to be informative upfront. Creating an evolution for telling an promise and heritage appeal.

If you would like some assistance with targeting and attracting wealthy consumers to buy your luxury goods and services please contact in strict confidence.

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