Is there money in Black love and should savvy marketers pay attention to this specialized niche? A new Nielsen study research reveals that Black Americans make up 13% of the U.S. Population and on trend to have a buying power of $1.4 Trillion dollars by 2019. Which those numbers should strongly interest marketers and especially luxury brands to take some serious notice when it comes to revenue earnings.

In their research Nielsen addressed that Black Americans strongly want the brands that they patronize to also support social causes. The promotions and acceptance of “Black Lives Matter” is a strong branding approach to connect with Black target audiences. FOX’s Empire and ABC’s Black-ish prove that focusing on cultural issues can pay off in a big way. Both networks received strong ratings when airing shows centered around Black cultural.

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So if cultural marketing is the key element then is the breakout app in the sector of Black love for dating. Launching the most advanced cultural niche dating app focused on Black Love and connecting by interest over just playing an chance game for love connections. Ebony Single Mingle app is the #1 Black Dating Mobile Chat App available on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store on iTunes.

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The online dating industry is worth around an estimated $6.5 Billion Dollars and Tinder is debatable not truly worth $5 Billion dollars as reported in an Forbes article. Which an Business Insider article suggests that Tinder as a standalone business would be worth $1.6 Billion dollars. However, Tinder can also be considered a game over being a dating platform. It might be notable to mention that expanding beyond dating for Tinder could be an difficult challenge.

Where as all dating apps need to be able to expand in the direction of media engagement to generate advertising revenue. The fate of Tinder also leaves Soul Swipe, a copycat app to Tinder intended for Black people with also having some of the same similar challenges as Tinder. over powers the competition through technology data science research by focusing on cultural experiences for connecting Black singles by location and strategic love interest. Not a game connection but serious engagement meeting zones for Black singles to find love.

There is a misconception that Black women don’t get married or simply are not marrying material. takes on these myths by using their apps to help Black singles connect by location to find happy relationships and fall in love.

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