Rihanna, once again just proved to the world that she is the best luxury beauty brand ambassador on the planet.

Rihanna’s “Breakthrough Award” From Allure
Rihanna's Breakthrough Award From Allure Mosnar Communications 2

1. Create A New Ideology – Rihanna created Fenty Beauty to be inclusive to all…She disrupted the beauty industry forever.

“Fenty Beauty disrupted an already crowded market, not with technology or scientific invention, but with ideology,” writes Allure’s editor-in-chief Michelle Lee in her editor’s letter. “There was real thought put into what its inclusive shade range represented — and that sense of purpose was evident in every Instagram post, every marketing campaign, every event, every model casting. Nearly overnight, the paradigm had shifted.”

2. Be  Your Own Star Ambassador – Rihanna is the star Ambassador for her own Fenty brand. Fenty Beauty is also nitrous for allowing fans to star in their social media campaigns! She shares the love…

3. Be A Change Creator – Rihanna made Slick Woods the Face of Fenty! 

Simone Thompson, better known as Slick Woods, is an American fashion model. Woods is a part of the “Social Media Modeling” or “Instagirl” movement as she has followers in the six-figure range.

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