Luxury brands now want in on a piece of the action. Many luxury brands are racing to nab China’s $73(US) billion annual luxury market spending. Where China’s wealthy cohort is composed of 50 million people and steadily increasing.

Luxury Brand Secrets To Attract China’s Wealthy Cohort Cult

Luxury Brand Secrets To Attract China’s Wealthy Cohort Cult Mosnar Communications
Be Tech Savvy Smart

If you want to reach the wealthy cohort cult of China’s rich luxury shoppers, target young and tech-savvy consumers.

Be Among The Worthy

WeChat and Tmall present opportunities to launch online virtual stores on platforms where Chinese luxury consumers shop.

Host Online Store Events

Present custom and signature items through online partnerships via virtual stores. Take advantage of promotional opportunities through “Pop Up” event offerings. Attract wealthy Chinese customers through exclusive online store pop-up offerings.

Promote Gift Giving On Demand

Implement gift giving luxury digital campaigns on demand for Alibaba’s Singles’ Day, Chinese festivals, China’s Valentine’s Day, and more.

Good luck!

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