Will The Ritz-Carlton’s guests be able to tell stories better than the luxury brand hotel? That’s what they are hoping for in their next big luxury campaign to thrust the brand in a digital social space. For the luxury world this is really big because the approach will not be exclusive and attracts the masses where luxury is not considered for the masses. One of the new special features on the website is Ritz-Carlton Memories,’ a homepage display of photos as they are being posted and hash-tagged on social media by visitors to 90 Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts worldwide. This display is then localized to each hotel as you click on the destination you are browsing to view guest photos from that place.

The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton Luxury Campaign MosnarCommunications

Through the eyes and lens of The Ritz-Carlton and its guests, a new Ritz-Carlton website brings a world of travel experiences to life by way of a fully immersive online experience. Digital explorers have a distinctive new hub on which to browse, crafted to simplify journey planning and inspire exploration through photos by fellow travelers.

Each digital touch point across a guest experience, pre-visit, during a visit and post-visit, is designed to provide valuable travel information, interesting content and engage guests at each stage of their journey. The new website has a staggering 30,000 pages of imagery and information, videos and interactive design features. The most notable enhancements facilitate exploration of destinations through immersive photography and video and through expertly curated travel experiences, in addition to hotel and room displays which enable users to not only reserve the room they prefer, but the view they desire.

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