After visiting RTR, via their online handle we have only good things to report. In fact, we at are simply wild about RTR! While many luxury brands may not all celebrate the exact same excitement  over RTR, the concept is still an amazing idea. RTR actually presents an value add to the popularity of Flash designer sites. Which no one on the planet presents V.I.P savings for designer brands better than our favorite Gilt a.k.a .

Those luxury brands who are not happy with RTR, should not be upset at the site’s concept. It is important for luxury brands to educate consumers on size and fitting. High end luxury fashion is a custom fit and education of how to select sizing is an luxury brand awareness responsibility.

RTR, launched as an alternative option to Bag Borrow or Steal . How RTR works is a wish list of designer fashions are offered for those who would like to wear the latest in high end luxury fashion. A solution to always wear high fashion but no worries of total ownership costs to be associated. Clients are allowed to reserve their dress and accessories with a back up dress size. There is no cost to return the dress and accessories back to RTR.

Jennifer Hyman  Co-founder and CEO/ Jennifer Fleiss  Co-founder and President

The fashion powerhouses behind RTR are two amazing ladies. Jennifer Hyman  Co-founder and CEO along with her Harvard Business School sectionmate Jennifer Fleiss  Co-founder and President. Providing the perfect solution to the  age-old complaint: I don’t have anything to wear. Now you do, and you’re going to look amazing! would love to hear more about your RTR experiences! Please let us know how it works for you.

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