It's not the luxury press release that did not work for your luxury brand. Even if you vowed to never ever do another press release again, you at least owe it to your luxury brand to find out why it didn't work. No matter what you have heard about press releases in the media lately, they do still work effectively. Google is not out to punish luxury PR firms who know how-to produce well written press releases and are not operating as back link promotions. If you were using press releases to build back links, this was the wrong concept from the start.


When it comes to press releases the majority are often written non-interesting and pitched badly to receive the kinds of results desired. So, you want to connect with high net worth individuals and for them to buy your luxury goods? Going to great lengths to accomplish this goal and paying out hefty sums to luxury public relations firms. Maybe, often switching firms because you feel that those you hire just don't get your luxury brand. Could this be you?





The rules of luxury public relations have changed. How you achieve exposure from using the methods of press releases have certainly change. The good news is that you can now achieve greater exposure today by using luxury press releases. All it takes is developing a creative strategic plan and approach to get the targeted exposure you need.


Winning At Exposure


Before you decide to deliver a luxury press release the very first thing you must do is conduct research. It is theory that guides research and the elements of using this approach will match up your luxury brand to an ideal target audience. To capture the most exposure it will be very important to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) research for luxury press releases as well.


The purpose of a press release is to communicate a public message to your target audience. To expand your message reach you should seek exposure in luxury media platforms such as portals, blogs, social media, etc. Once you cover the basics you will need to determine what is newsworthy from your research to capture the attention of your target audiences. By contacting luxury media platforms you pitch them to feature your message delivered in the luxury press release to receive the most exposure.


Don't forget to incorporate social media networking with your luxury press release engagement. This will further secure more exposure. Over all a well written luxury press release should increase brand awareness and build credibility exposure to sustain your luxury brand. Gaining media exposure that is not paid for through coverage from luxury press releases, is much more credible than paid for advertising.


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