Every fashion brand is racing to get front page coverage these days. However, even after exclusive product launches and special V.I.P invites many fashion brands still don’t achieve the results they want. Mainly because when it comes to fashion PR most brands still don’t understand that every event must serve a purpose.

Fashion powerhouses have mastered how to create buzz by setting the ambience for theme engagement. You should seek to identify what is it about your fashion brand that people must see and why they must show up? How will you keep them entertained and what activities will they be able to explore? Most important for any event what will they take with them? Brand awareness and education should always, always accompany gifting.

PR Couture recently outlined 25 Event Themes to Market Your Fashion Brand.

  1. Choreography ends in Flash Mob (pick a song, teach some moves, hand out matching accessories, go out on the town and perform)
  2. Competitive stiletto climbing wall (much more fun than standing around while your feet hurt, yes?)
  3. Photo Booth extravaganza (get a ton of different photo booths, a multitude of props, and tell your attendees to go to town! Post the results to Facebook, create a collage of the results and use it as your the back drop for your next look book)
  4. Makeover Mondays (remember Glamour Shots? Recreate it, on a Monday!)
  5. Mystery Scavenger Hunt (hide clues and information about your brand and set the crowd loose!)
  6. Host your event at the Children’s Museum (preferably one with one of those shadow rooms!)
  7. Make mine your own (take a signature piece from your collection and let your attendees decorate it or modify it and don’t forget to take pictures!)
  8. Gypsy Caravan (host the event in house boats or decorated wagons, lights, candles, and guitar? Inspiration? Watch Chocolat)
  9. Make your own then dance all night Masked Ball (rent Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette for inspiration)
  10. Afternoon Champagne picnic plus croquet (all that pomp and circumstance will be hilarious)
  11. Assign your VIP guests to dress as various literary characters and send them a piece from your line to help the outfit along (Elizabeth Bennet, anyone?)
  12. Cherry picking, apple picking, frolicking out on the farm (make honey sticks, stage photo opps out in the gorgeous air, enjoy a locavore-style lunch)
  13. Beach Bonfire plus S’mores (don’t forget the umbrellas or sun screen!)
  14. We are the royalty (treat your guests like kings and queens! Complete with crowns and places of honor)
  15. Eskimo Lodge (dress up your venue in white, bring in a snow machine, ice skating out front? Don’t forget the fair-trade hot chocolate!)
  16. Panning for “gold” (it was fun back in fifth grade, it will still be fun now, especially if guests can keep whatever they find)
  17. Candy making (allow your guests to create and name a candy flavor after themselves)
  18. Splatter! (ever see that scene in The Princess Diaries were they pop paint-filled balloons on a canvas – yeah, something like that)
  19. Bike Tour (take an elite group on a bike tour of all the places that inspired the current collection)
  20. Breakfast for Dinner (turn something on it’s head, have a pancake bar!)
  21. Lion Witch and the Wardrobe theme (anybody for Turkish Delight?)
  22. Alter Egos (you provide the costumes, guests bring the fun!)
  23. Romantic Comedy – decorate different rooms in the themes of iconic rom-coms, complete with actors and give guests the opportunity to act out their favorite scenes
  24. Roller Skating (give a lesson on how to do a few tricks, give out awards, host a roller shop!)
  25. Blind-folds! (blind fold your guests and ask them to describe or draw what they are feeling – pieces of your collection of course!)

These tips are very insightful and can easily be used to drive some massive publicity exposure for fashion branding.

Happy Event Planning!

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