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There is a major potential to increase revenue earnings by selling apparel online. As a luxury brand the implementation for how apparel goods are sold online should be different. The perception of brand value and promise is very important to incorporate when selling online for luxury branding purposes. So, the one question I get asked the most when consulting luxury brands and luxury retailers is “how can we sell more apparel through our website?”

This is a very fair question for any consultant, because most luxury brands or luxury retailers out spend way more than they should to attract affluent consumers online. In fact, luxury brands and luxury retailers could generate more online revenue by focusing on branded content. YES, it’s that simple and at we show our clients how-to do this with ease.

No matter if you are a luxury brand, luxury retailer, or even an emerging luxury brand you can sell tons of apparel online with the right marketing strategy for brand development. The majority of online offerings I see are “not setup for success” and with the competition online it’s hard to compete without a killer marketing strategy.

If you have been struggling to find the best solution to turn your online website into a cash revenue generating space by selling apparel, please use some of top luxury brand strategies. Don’t forget to pay it forward and share with those that you know who could also use this information. However, we do kindly request a credibility link to us 🙂

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The Luxury Brand Secret Bible To Selling More Apparel Online

Change How You Think

How do you view your website? Do you consider it a flagship enterprise that is just as grand as any luxury storefront location found anywhere in the world?

Likely not because most luxury brands or luxury retailers rarely view their website as a topographic point to welcome affluent buyers to purchase apparel. Online every small detail matters from design to branded content. Just by making a few changes to a website when selling apparel can vastly increase traffic and revenue earnings.

Branded Content Engagement

Is your website influential online for what’s trendy in luxury fashion?

This is the holy grail to move apparel for luxury fashion and accessories …. Branded content is the best solution to engage by gaining influential control and creates a demand to want what you offer. Don’t confuse this with promotions because they are not the same. Where most luxury brands and luxury retailers go wrong is that they serve up promotions as branded content. It is very important that branded content targeted toward the ultra rich be informative and educational to gain trustworthy credibility influence.

Marketing Strategy Hook

Do you offer affluent consumers a gift or complimentary offer online?

If you think that offering a sale is how to hook wealthy people to buy apparel online you might want to rethink using that marketing strategy. First off, decide that you want to sell apparel online that is high-end. That means you are not offering a discount or flash sale, etc. There remains a huge luxury marketing opportunity to sell high-end apparel online without a resale or deep discount. The focus for this segment is strictly a guide for selling apparel online to high-end audiences.

Try presenting an amazing gift such as a professional high resolution online look-book of the apparel merchandise you want to sell….Complimentary V.I.P email lists are excellent marketing strategies that hook affluent consumers to buy apparel online as well. Offer exclusive insider luxury apparel offers to V.I.P email list members only. A first serve exclusivity approach that can attract the ultra rich to buy apparel online.

Buzz Marketing Plan

Do you always create a buzz marketing plan around luxury apparel campaigns?

Getting the word out about an online apparel shop that is not discounting luxury has many advantages. I must say, “I hardly ever” see an buzz marketing campaign for apparel goods this is not a promotional piece… Like say, “such and such luxury brand’s fall and winter” specified year campaign. Even worst, promoting the models who appear in the campaigns for the luxury brand apparel.

When it comes to buzz marketing for apparel luxury brands and luxury retailers may depend too much on other media outlets to get the word out. Focusing on a buzz marketing plan strategy that educates the super rich on the promise of the luxury apparel is the best solution to sell more apparel online.

Tip: If you would like some assistance with creating a branded content and marketing strategy for a luxury brand or luxury retail company please contact in confidence. Get your complimentary brand development evaluation today. Please contact Ann Lane via in confidence.


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