Celebrity kids are making just as much impact on the luxury industry as their famous parents. However, there remain a few elite celebrity kids who capture enormous media attention for their child luxury lifestyle and fashion sense. They remain the frontrunners and set the child luxury demands by parents from around the world. After all who wouldn’t want to gift their little princess a pair of shoes just like Suri Cruise wears?

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Here is the top list of celebrity kids who enjoy and enter the laps of luxury.

First Place: Queen Tot Fashionista “Suri Cruise”

Budding fashionista, Tomkitten has learnt the A to Z of fashion even before she can spell the word F-A-S-H-I-O-N and with mommie Holmes collaborating with stylist Jeanne Yang to custom-make outfits for her baby, Suri is rarely seen in any outfit twice. Spotted several times in heels, red lipstick and with her very own iPad, Suri’s wardrobe is estimated to be worth $3.6 million.

Second Position: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt often closely included is her sister Zarah JoliePitt

Moving her way up on the ‘brat-street’ is Shiloh, daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Brangelina pocketed a cool $7.6 million for pictures of their beautiful newborn, Shiloh. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise that on her third birthday daddy dear gifted Shiloh, two diamond and platinum necklaces worth a whopping $15,000. The maths works out fine.

Third Place: Maddonna’s Girls Mercy James and Lourdes

Giving stiff competition to our very own Material Girl, Maddona, is her five-year-old daughter Mercy James. Mercy’s Stella McCartneys and Armanis can turn any fashionista green with envy. Mercy’s sibling Lourdes Leon, who is just 13-years-old, has come up with her own affordable juniors line that will debut in Macy’s for fall 2010/2011 called … you guessed it, right – Material Girl! Now, there couldn’t be a more fitting name. Kingston Rossadale, son of Gwen Stefani, may not be old enough to tie his shoe laces, but he sure uses his own discretion while selecting his clothes.

Fourth Place: Beckham Boys

And then of course there are the Beckham boys. Victoria Beckham may make claims of raising them the ‘hard’ way, “We both say no to the kids and they don’t get everything they want, after all you don’t want to end up with spoilt little sods.”

Source: Times of India

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