I would be a millionaire if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what the best press release wire service is. The truth about wire services is that the proof is in the PR pitch and not the wire service (paid or free wire services).
By the time most luxury brands understand how to effectively write a press release, it takes them another hundred years to learn what is even newsworthy to capture media attention for a feature story. Sorry to let the cat out of the bag, but the biggest lie is that reporters will take a press release and print it “As Is” for a feature story. How we in the PR industry wish this myth was true and life could be so easy.
Yes, you still need a press release to explain your pitch concept. Despite what is surfacing around about not using press releases, they are a very important part of public relations.
Is it necessary to use a paid wire service over a free wire service?
A well written press release with SEO released on a free wire service can receive just as much exposure as using a paid wire service. But don’t tell this to publicly traded companies who will only use certain paid wire services. Again, the proof of the press release success is in the PR pitch.
Contacting media sources to get coverage for your press release, involves knowing how to sell your PR pitch. Remember the media is never sold on your luxury brand; they are sold on how your luxury brand will benefit or impact their readers first.
The real proof is the ability to pitch the storyline to media sources that communicate best with target audiences you seek to connect your luxury brand to.
If PR pitching was easy, there would not be sites like YourPitchSucks.com.
If you need help with developing a luxury PR pitch or launching a luxury PR campaign contact Mosnar Communications, Inc.

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