As more luxury brands get more social the aspect of where they socialize will start to matter most. The fact that luxury brands have started to embrace social media is a promising start. However, as noted by forbes luxury brands will need to do more than just show up. Setting up social media channels and not engaging is just as bad as not being in social media at all.


Over at he discusses 10 trends to watch specifically  targeted toward small businesses. Many of these same strategies will work very well for luxury brands. Especially, because the society of luxury is exclusive and niche. One of the topics that Brian mentioned was about Geolocation Check-in Services. This is a hot spot (topic) for luxury brands to visit for many reasons.

Geolocation is an excellent solution to increase brand awareness. Where is your luxury brand Geologically speaking? This is very important since one in five online bargain hunters are being duped by sites selling counterfeit goods. Yes, that number is correct One In FIVE! So luxury brands better show up or someone else will establish their brand identity for them.

Here is how to use Geolocation Check-in Services for luxury brands:

1. Set up luxury brand identity on Foursquare. This is the most popular geolocation site. It allows you to check in and inform audiences of your varies locations.

2. Use Facebook for geolocation! Facebook now allows location updates so engage your friends (audiences) by updating them on your location.

3. Location sharing! This is an excellent way to engage audiences by offering geolocation rewards and V.I.P saving bonus! Example, meet us at Tiffany’s get V.I.P savings today!

Using these easy tips will allow luxury brands to increase brand awareness by location publicity. Which location, location, location is everything!



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