The kick off for the holiday season officially starts on Black Friday. For luxury brands this is a very exciting time to gain brand awareness credibility and to increase profit earnings.

So how do you turn up brand awareness for your luxury brand?

First off, so many social media experts and so called gurus are giving all kinds of wrong advice to luxury brands. When it comes to the luxury industry it is still a very closed community. Using these fast quick tips will help luxury brands with Black Friday promos. It is STILL not too late.

Luxury Brand PR Three Black Friday Tips To Avoid Four Bad Letter Words In Campaigns

1. Avoid using the word SALE

This is still a bad four letter word to engage luxury consumers. For ultra wealthy consumers being on sale does not matter at all. Instead offer V.I.P Savings which is a fancy alternative to just another sale.

2. Avoid using GONE

Here again, is another bad four letter word in the world of luxury. Luxury consumers don’t take kindly to threats like hurry before it is gone! Instead, to encourage luxury consumers to rush try using the word Limited! They understand limited edition mean supplies will be few which creates a rush.

3. Avoid using OPEN

For those who understand the true discipline of luxury this word is a no-no. Open to all is a turn off to ultra luxury consumers. Luxury is exclusive! Present exclusive invitations oppose to an open environment luxury is not for the masses.

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Happy Holidays and the best Black Friday Ever!


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