Ever considered blogging as a marketing tool for your luxury brand? There are actually three simple blogging strategies that will jump-start revenue growth for a luxury brand super fast. Start thinking like a blogger operating from a media platform to promote your luxury brand right now. If you fail to monetize your luxury brand at first launch it will never materialize into a profitable luxury business. This one piece of advice will save businesses tens of thousands to millions in loss investments revenue. After turning ten years old this year MosnarCommunications.com sadly started to see many other luxury online businesses drop off the sector. Which actually troubled me so I wanted to provide a “blueprint” for anyone launching a luxury company or lifestyle focus business to setup for sustainability survival from the start.

The great thing is there are now more “millionaires and billionaires” than ever before in history! So this also means if you have any kind of luxury offering now is the right time to start making some real cash from your luxury brand business!

One of my favorite things to do when  working with emerging luxury brands is to disrupt the marketplace by offering alternative solutions. Utilizing a company’s blogging network to provide behind the scenes story telling experiences. An invitation to meet the luxury brand in real engagement….By providing a luxury blogger media platform this will build influential brand awareness to sell more luxury goods products and services faster.

Using a company blog you can take consumers and fans behind the scenes. Neiman Marcus took fans behind the scenes of the iconic Art of Fashion campaign to take a look at the Spring Collection 2016. Fashion photographer Yvan Fabing captures model and muse Xiao Wen Ju in motion to fully appreciate the beauty of each piece. Adding videos to a company blog presents the perfect solution to connection behind the scenes.

Maybe you have a true passion for luxury goods, real estate, cars, watches, fashion, makeup, hair, etc. The most common mistakes that many individuals often make when turning their hobbies into careers is a lack of business development skills for monetization to sustain. Generating revenue is the lifeline of any business model and the goal should be to advance beyond creating a hobby that turns into a career. In order to generate revenue the hobby must shift into a sustainable money making business that is influential and generates sustainable revenue earnings.

If you consider all the different online and mobile platforms. There is a tremendous disconnect for how most people believe they can make money online and it’s no wonder why so many businesses fail even after passing the five year mark. Generally, a person may seek to turn their hobby into the ideal business career because they have a passion focus from the start and likely love doing the pastime for pleasure which does not feel like work.

For instance a fashion blogger who provides “fashion tips” is also an expert adviser on fashion trends. Creating opportunities for publishing products and consulting services. Even paid endorsements for being a brand ambassador, potential to earning money using blogging content marketing is limitless.

Chiara Ferragni who runs the The Blonde Salad blog knows a lot about using blogging to make connections. With more than 5.6 million Instagram followers, 1.2 million Facebook subscribers and a shoe line that raked in more than $10 million US last year, Ferragni is the undisputed queen of fashion blogging.

Chiara Ferragni The Blonde Salad Mosnar Communications Blogging Tips

When luxury businesses are not generating revenue and about to die…the one solution that can bring them back to life again is to focus on their own platform content marketing generation. This means creating or reinventing their very own luxury blog! I repeat focus on your own luxury blog!

Three Simple Blogging Strategies Mosnar Communications main

The major problem is that most luxury brands simply don’t understand the method to generate revenue using their own blogging content marketing material. Worst they start tanking tons of money into social media advertising thinking this will fix or solve the problem…it will not because the realness engagement element can only be produced from a home platform. Now you know why your luxury brand launch has likely been unsuccessful but the problem is still fixable if you act fast enough.

Blogging Strategies

Three Simple Blogging Strategies main 2 Mosnar Communications

This is the blueprint we use at MC when working with clients who want to turn their hobbies into luxury business models. Crafting innovation that helps to turn a hobby into a mega luxury business generating serious cash.

#1 Monetization Research – This is the first starting point before even launching, map out a monetization game plan first. If you can’t make money with your hobby it’s not going to be a profitable business model.

The best solution to figure out how-to research monetization streams of income is to conduct data science research closely linked to your luxury niche offering. Get business savvy by finding out what current problems exist in your luxury niche marketplace and the revenue earnings potential. Don’t waste time on providing solutions to problems that are not profitable. This is why most businesses fail they don’t know how to source profitable solutions to monetize their business model.

#2 Service Offering – This is the single most critical starting point for every luxury brand launch.

Seek to create an “expert experience” to package this knowledge as a service offering. This is the top element for crafting monetization streams of income for a luxury brand launch.

#3 V.I.P List – It is imperative to build a V.I.P list of potential clients, customers, professionals, etc. Having an internal list of connects is the best solution to monetize a luxury brand business. Creating on-demand resources for exclusive promotions.

Collecting data contact from your own controlled online marketing platform is critical for launching a luxury brand.

If you would assistance with the best practices and consulting for luxury blogging monetization for luxury brands  please contact ann@mosnarcommunications.com .

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