It’s time for the American luxury-car throwdown, and forum poster Jag305 wants to know which luxo brand comes out on top: Cadillac, Chrysler or Lincoln? Forum users were quick to choose Cadillac, saying it was the edgiest and most competitive with the German and Japanese luxury brands. It’s also safe to say that the new Cadillac CTS-V wagon was well-accepted by many (at least here at Motor Trend) as it took the wagon image from stodgy to stellar. Chrysler rolled out a new 200 and also offered a significantly updated and refined 300 for 2011. Now with Fiat management in the mix, the company may have some more tricks up its sleeve.  Lincoln will unveil more of its new portfolio next year, but do you think the company has the potential to produce cars that appear more than just a ‘rebadged Ford,’ as some forum users said?

So, take your pick in this civil war among American luxury brands: Cadillac, Chrysler or Lincoln?

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