Luxury shopping online is surging and luxury brands need to create digital marketing campaigns that will drive revenue growth. This means that luxury brands can easily right now increase profits by tapping into holiday gift idea trends. Increasing online digital revenue earnings well beyond the holiday season….

Luxury Shopping Gift Ideas  

These are the biggest luxury shopping trends gift ideas driving revenue for luxury brands during the holiday shopping expedition.

  1. Gifts For Her 

Harper’s Bazaar created a gift guide for Luxe ladies. A creation of “luxury gifts for her” especially, when she already has everything. Using innovative digital marketing they expressed “We prefer being referred to as ‘particular’ over ‘high-maintenance.’ Shop gifts for the discerning woman in your life—as Oscar Wilde once said, “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”

Featuring a gallery of 39 photos of luxury gifts for her and those with deep pockets for gifting.

Topping the list at number one is Dior Lady Dior bag, $3,450, 1-800-929-DIOR. Includes a direct phone number for contacting to place an order. Okay, we had to call and it was exactly what you would expect when contacting Christian Dior!!

2. Gifts For Him 


Hunting luxury gifts for him takes us to Harrods for the ultimate online digital shopping experience. For the well traveled and cultured distinguished gentlemen with International connections.

3. Gifts For Mom


For luxury gifts for Moms the only place to go is Nordstrom, where they truly understand how to express love better than anybody in the business.

4. Gifts For Dad

The rise in interest for luxury male grooming is driving luxury gifts for dads. Where Esquire is the ultra leader in luxury gifts for dads making gifting a science.

5. Gifts For Boyfriend 

When it comes to finding the ultimate luxury gifts for boyfriends Mr Porter is the top choice. Working to help every budget from small to large for perfect gifts that show appreciation to a special boyfriend.

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