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Could the solution to revive China’s luxury market be a movie series “Tiny Times?” – Seems that Tiny Times is reminding us that four women dressed to the nine is hot and “where do you buy that outfit” is back in fashion once again.

Tiny Times series of books and films, which follows four women from Shanghai as they live opulent lives dressed in fur coats, sipping Champagne, and surrounded by male models. The fashion, well  “yes” it could remind you of four NYC ladies ….Sex and the City? Exactly, the fashion takes us there.

Tiny Times

Tiny Times MosnarCommunicationsTiny Times cast is certainly uniformly beautiful and in their 20s appeals to young Chinese. Such consumers are becoming a prime target of brands selling a luxurious lifestyle now that the government’s antigraft campaign has crimped gift-giving between business executives and officials. Luxury sales in China fell about 1 percent in 2014, to 115 billion yuan ($18.5 billion), according to Bain & Co. Some companies such as Fendi are able to use entertainment to put their brands in the sights of younger Chinese at little cost; others increasingly are willing to pay up for this type of product placement .

This should be a major wake up call for all luxury brands that they better start selling lifestyle fast and in a hurry.

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