For the luxury industry in 2015 luxury watches will play a major role. From hot apps like Watchville to China’s obsession with Apple, positioning the Apple iWatch to control demand for luxury watches. One thing for certain luxury watches do hold value very well and have become the most sought after collectible in the luxury industry among the ultra rich to boast about ownership.

This new demand among the mega rich has created an exclusive desire for super luxury watches. It’s like owning the limited edition ultra luxury car that no one else can get. Let’s just say for the very wealthy super luxury watches are a new sport and you have to be stinking rich to play. Super luxury watches are a booming market in South Africa, according to a report from New World Wealth, following a global trend of a growing luxury goods market.

Super Luxury Watches

These are the top 5 most popular super luxury men’s watch brands in South Africa, as well as the most expensive timepiece ever sold under the brands.

5. Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin

photo Ulysse Nardin

The most expensive Ulysse Nardin watch is the Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon, which can cost as much as $1.25 million, with cheaper versions starting at $280,000.

4. Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin

photo credit Vacheron Constantin Kalista

The company’s most expensive watch is the Vacheron Constantin Kalista which cost $5 million at the time it was made in 1979. The 118 emerald-cut diamonds which litter the watch’s casing are valued at closer to $11 million today.

3. Breguet


photo credit Breguet Marie Antoinette

The group’s most expensive watch is the the Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette Number 160. It was originally intended for Marie-Antoinette, but was only completed 34 years after she was beheaded. The original watch ended up in a museum, but was stolen and has never been recovered. The reproduction is worth about $10 million.

2. Franck Muller

Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4

photo credit Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4

The most  expensive watch the company has is its Aeternitas Mega 4 carrying a hefty $2.7 million price tag. Why such a steep price? It happens to be one of the most intricate watches in the world. It features 36 complications and is made of no less than 1,483 individual components.

1. Philippe

Patek Philippe Super complication

 photo credit Patek Philippe

In November 2014, a Patek Philippe Super-complication pocket watch sold for an astounding $24 million at a Sotheby’s auction, following a previous record of $11 million in 1999. Other products in the Patek Philippe range are relatively more affordable, selling from anywhere between $19,000 into the millions.

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