The art of luxury is a perception and many luxury brands want to enter social media but are also fearful about protecting their luxury image. Luxury is exclusive and often niche focused which can present cultural challenges within social media networks.

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As a luxury PR publicist I am often asked is social media right for luxury brands. I feel that social media is ideal for luxury branding and luxury can thrive in social media networks. However it is essential that luxury brands carefully implement social media PR to protect their luxury brand image.

Luxury Brands Must Be Engaging

It will be necessary for luxury brands to engage target audiences through social media.

Attract Niche Target Audiences

For luxury brands targeting niche social media audiences is more effective over being exclusive or selective in social media environments.

Promote V.I.P Offerings

Luxury brands can implement promotions for V.I.P and exclusive offerings in social media networks.

The potential for luxury brands to increase their awareness and credibility are limitless using social media. As with any media campaign luxury brands will need to properly implement PR strategies to protect their luxury brand image.

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