If the world is excited to watch Gangnam style there might be more excitement to experience the high society lifestyle for real. Something fresh and different is inside the distinguish man society of the Johnnie Walker House. A hot demand among elite Chinese billionaires is this well-established luxurious brand an insider right-of-passage. This attraction has encouraged a Gangnam style cult society of followers who want to be part of the billionaire club. Sorry, no Gangnam style passes you have to be rich for real to roll in this circle.

Inside Johnnie Walker House exclusive privileges and ideas mark past and future achievements. This is a true experience that is designed for simply the ultra-rich. When you think of gifting this is the ultimate gift for Chinese billionaires. So the next time someone asks what do you gift a billionaire? That’s simple think Johnnie Walker House luxurious brand labels.

Sheer perfection Johnnie Walker House engages with classy recipes for ultimate taste. To enter the website billionaires must be 18 years of age. When you enter the Johnnie Walker House website you feel like a billionaire for a day. The rich history of the brand is what appeals most to the Chinese customers as well as their International following. In China 80% of the millionaires are under the age of 45 which has shifted this age target as the most desired consumer audience for luxury brands.

Located in the French concession of Shanghai, China is the $2.9 million dollar Johnnie Walker House mansion. Believed to be 1,500-squarefoot this exclusive club is for the most elite whisky conversations only. Inside you will find a very historical design that displays the review of the history representing the label as a brand. The luxury PR concept is that the Johnnie Walker House is whisky in a bottle presenting an exceptional experience for only the elite rich. Similar to visiting a luxury hotel the excitement inside the club allows guests to interact with history for the finest whisky connoisseurs. For instance the entrance into the Johnnie Walker House contains malt and peat in a row against the wall. A luxury PR story because malt and peat remains the main ingredients for making the finest whisky. This is the signature of the brand’s label from origination that sets the ambience to produce a journey to go back in time. The decor is so amazing rich in history is every detail in the flooring, designs, and inside the walls.

So, where are rich people hanging out in China? Well, how about the Johnnie Walker House for starters the greatest showroom on earth for whisky story-telling.



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