It seems a bidding war was behind the recent Beverly Hills mansion for sale making history with a record selling price tag of $70 million dollars. A Beverly Hills record and likely in 2015 we can expect high selling luxury real estate to be the record norm.

Luxury Realtors should focus on demand and supply for location, superior quality luxury homes, and clients with most expensive taste. Gone are the days when the super rich felt guilty about the state of the economy and wanted to hide their purchases. Today, bragging rights for the most expensive taste is a sport among the ultra wealthy. Which is being glorified by the media creating
also tons of free publicity that’s worth hundreds of thousands if not millions to wealthy buyers brand recognition.

Mansion For Sale

Hilton and Hyland Record Sale

photo credit Hilton & Hyland

Hilton & Hyland team Branden Williams and Rayni Romito Williams have sold the Trousdale Estates spec home built by handbag tycoon and luxury real estate developer Bruce Makowsky for $70 million. The selling price represents a record-breaking sale for Beverly Hills.

The Trousdale Estates residence, at the top of North Hillcrest Road, enjoys panoramic views stretching from downtown to the coast. The 23,000 square foot home has eight bedrooms and fifteen baths, and every inch of the interior detail was attended to by a world-class design team.

The buyer purchased the house as staged, with all furnishings, decor appointments, appliances, and electronics in the house, including an extensive collection of wines in the 2,500 bottle cellar.

The front of the home is adorned with a 54 foot wide curved glass door, which can be controlled electronically, and opens onto the property’s infinity pool, computer controlled fountains, and southerly exposure.

Interior architectural details include tequila and vodka bars, a $200,000 candy wall, and a state-of-the-art screening room, with tiered seating for 18. Artwork includes a replica of James Dean’s motorcycle.

The focal point of the main dining area is an 18 foot long onyx dining room table that can seat 24 persons, who will have the pleasure of dining off the included place settings by Roberto Cavalli that each cost $3,700.

The multi-vehicle garage, decorated with black tile and mirrors, includes a car lift to transport vehicles to the lower level for a luxury auto gallery display. Also included in the sale, a five person staff to attend to the property for one year.

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