Most people with a luxury brand offering have just one wish and that wish is to sell more luxury goods faster. The most common question we receive is “how do you sell luxury?” …. Well, it takes more than media exposure or advertising. As most will find out only after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on luxury PR and advertising. With end results, still no luxury sales… Sadly, but true. 

Blumarine Spring Summer 2014Blumarine Spring Summer 2014 – Photo credit Blumarine

When you have a luxury product or service to sell the spin factor is what drives luxury sales. It’s not about fluff promotions and trumped up media coverage. No longer are luxury consumers wowed by advertising campaigns as motivation to make purchases. In fact, ultra wealthy shoppers now buy on their own terms and influential control. The problem is wealthy consumers have lots of money to spend but luxury professionals lack spin techniques for selling luxury goods properly. is offering the “Spin of Selling Luxury Goods” a step-by-step customized teleconference training. Available for 35k and will be a three week training session (exclusive and limited).

If you have a luxury product or service that you want to increase luxury sales by 50% this offer is for you!

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