When it comes to driving luxury sales and profit earnings it may be all about the buzzwords. Why are buzzwords so important for the luxury industry? After all buzzwords are often seen as jargon…. Makes you wonder why would luxury brands want to use buzzwords in their luxury PR and marketing campaigns, right?

Top luxury buzzwords 2014 (Use at your own success!) Complete list, see now CLICK HERE 

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The demand in social media and mobile text marketing has spiked an increase in luxury buzzwords in 2014. More luxury brands as well as retail outlets are actively using luxury buzzwords in content marketing campaign to drive luxury sales.

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Here are the top luxury buzzwords 2014 (Use at your own success!)

Nowadays, luxury brands are going fashionable with luxury buzzwords by dressing up words to look and sound good. High net-worth consumers demand this kind of engagement and need creative influence to buy luxury goods.

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Top luxury buzzwords 2014 (Use at your own success!) 

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