Luxury brand attraction is more about the story behind the brand. If you want to sell luxury goods, it’s essential to create a heritage that is sustainable.

What pushes consumers to invest in luxury goods? For Sonja Prokopec, ESSEC LVMH Chaired Professor of Luxury Brand Management, it is more than just craftsmanship that makes consumers spend that extra cash to invest in a luxury item.

“Luxury products can of course be very beautiful and are always beautifully made, but that’s not enough to connect consumers emotionally with a product,” she says. “Where many luxury brands truly excel is in their ability to build elaborate storylines behind their brand and products, to help consumers connect on a whole new, emotional level.”

Luxury Brand Story


These are our tips for top 8 best ways to tell a luxury brand story. Get results and sell more luxury goods by following these tips: 

# 1 

Reason for starting the company?

# 2

What problems your brand solves? 


Who are the founders of the company? 

# 4

What is the brand’s mission and purpose?

# 5

Identify your brand’s target audience and how they benefit?

# 6

Where does your brand fit in the industry?

# 7

What makes your brand significant?

# 8

How can consumers purchase your brand?

Good luck! 

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