The next frontier for luxury brands might not be China. As luxury brands continue to lack luster in China because of an increasing slump in retail sales. Companies are growing concerned about where should they be focusing to attract affluent customers. It might not be China or even a country….

Luxury brands must seriously stop to look at Amazon as a major luxury media platform. Amazon is very focused on building relationships with luxury brands. However, many of the big players are simply not interested. That’s really too bad because Amazon presents and represents virtually all of what luxury brands need to generate luxury sales.

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At the end of the day it is all about generating sales earnings while protecting brand identity and building credibility. That’s what Amazon can assist luxury brands to do and more. Why Amazon, people ask me all the time!? Well, I like Amazon for many reasons. Most importantly luxury brands will love Amazon if they understood the value opportunity better.

It often surprises people to learn that Amazon is the sixth most visited traffic site in the entire world. Not only does the site receive immense traffic it is the closest to a consumer who is about to make a direct purchase than any other high traffic website. Amazon is the place you go to find a product that you want to buy. Google is where you go to search for information on a product you are interested in buying. Okay, who really wins for the retailer?

According to Forrester 30% of people actually start their search for a product on Amazon first oppose to 13% on Google. Also Amazon offers a solution for more robust advertising engagement than any other media platform.

Smart luxury brands have started to see the value of opening up a storefront location on Amazon. Even Amazon has recognized their power and opened up their very own luxury beauty storefront. Kate Spade
is one luxury brand pioneer who launched a storefront on Amazon.

Get ready for a new luxury Amazon… I love it!!

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