Okay, maybe not all in that exact fashion but the coveted Birkin bag is widely adored and carried by Kim Kardashian West. Birkin bags represent a status symbol of making it big time and not just for celebrities because super rich ladies are known for rocking their Birkin bags. While many big name celebrities are often linked to carrying Birkin handbags. However, the animal abuse to produce a luxurious Birkin bag seems to always fall back on Kim Kardashian West carrying one.

Kim Kardashian West Carried Birkin Bag

Kim Kardashian West Birkin

photo credit fashion.telegraph.co.uk

Apart from the tens of thousands of dollars spent on the fashion accessory sold by French retailer Hermes, thousands of crocodiles and alligators are killed each year to supply the company with skins used to make some Birkins, along with high-end wallets, belts, watchbands and shoes.

There has never been any reality  connection to animal abuse and the Birkin bags until now. When an leaked video shot by two undercover investigators documenting conditions at two crocodile and alligator farms, one in Africa, the other in Texas. Revealing mistreatment of the animals ranges from packing them in overly close quarters to inhumane methods of slaughter, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

“Whenever animals are used for profit, corners are cut,” said one of the PETA investigators.

At Lone Star Alligator Farms in Winnie, Texas, PETA found alligators living in small, concrete pits filled with foul-smelling water made murky with the animals’ waste. The alligators could not all fit on a resting platform, so they were mostly in the water with their heads sticking up, with the skin of their jaws irritated, said the PETA investigator, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid jeopardizing future probes.

While we at MC will continue to monitor luxury PR media we also feel an obligated responsibility for humanity and cruelty acts against animals. Let this message render an wake up call for French retailer Hermes and the entire luxury industry as well as luxury consumers.

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