For luxury brands the art of exclusivity creates a strong demand appeal for their luxury goods. The attraction of limited editions and exclusive V.I.P offerings is the thriving pinnacle point for the world of luxurious offerings. Generally, how luxury brands elect to communicate with the public also involves using exclusive targeting.

Whereas, public relations for other brands mainly involve communications with the general public. For luxury brands they tend to source their ideal customers first for luxury PR engagement communications. Which is why in the past luxury brands desired coverage among top luxury magazines, luxury blogs, luxury media outlets, and so on. Targeting the most buzzed luxury media sources for luxury PR communications. However, now luxury brands have shifted to control their own luxury PR media.

When it comes to luxury PR, while having to be more exclusive the method should still include basic principals of public relations. This should be to implement a strategic plan and approach to build mutual beneficial relationships for the luxury brand to connect to their desired target audiences. The method of reaching luxury consumers is an art form of understanding how-to specifically attract and target clients by profile and lifestyle brand awareness. Luxury stakeholders are vastly intelligent, creative, and experts essentially when it comes to buying luxury goods.

Luxury PR Media

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Luxury brands must communicate with their desired audiences by targeting high net worth individuals, luxury shoppers, luxury professionals, future luxury consumers, and so on. It is also very important that luxury brands never neglect to communicate with their target communities, employees, or competitors.

As the need for luxury PR advanced so did an even stronger need for luxury PR media start to evolve. This is how MC ( became the global leader in luxury PR media. We recognized that luxury brands would also need to develop, create, and control their own luxury PR media in contrast to other luxury media outlets reporting about them. By doing this luxury brands are able to control their brand value influence, especially in a world of massive blogs and social media conversations. Where luxury brands still desire to remain exclusive and not targeting the masses as their audience.


Karl Lagerfeld Spring Summer 2015

How we assist luxury brands is by designing luxury PR media campaigns and strategies. When luxury brands implement blogs they need to use the platform as a publishing source to tell their brand story and purpose for luxury goods in the marketplace. The key point it to communicate brand awareness value over promotions for their luxury goods. As an publisher luxury brands should connect to desired target audiences of luxury consumers ready to buy. Additionally, luxury brands should also create luxury content assets and materials which builds an emotional sustainable organic connection to desired target audiences.

Our goal at MC is to assist luxury brands with implementing superior luxury PR media. As an luxury PR media expert we better understand key elements necessary for strategies when it comes to communications for planning and approach. Guiding luxury brands on luxury PR media to influence luxury media outlets for influential results to increase their profit earnings. Capturing organic luxury media that is earned by knowing what luxury consumers want, what luxury content is credible, and who is influential to thrust purchases for luxury goods. Applying our secret luxury PR media insider knowledge of data science research and discovery for luxury branding.

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