Dealmoon Singles Day is reshaping the online shopping experience in a big way. Last year, Singles Day global sales far surpassed Cyber Monday. In 2014, Singles Day sales surpassed Cyber Monday by four times ($9 billion vs. $2.65 billion) to become the biggest online shopping day.

While, Black Friday still tops both at sales of $50.9 billion (2014), but the numbers of people shopping in brick-and-mortar stores was reduced by half to 26.5 million in 2014 from 45 million in 2013.

This year, attracted hundreds of U.S. luxury brands who are gearing up to sell more on Singles Day 2016 – 11-11 – than any other day of the year, specifically to Chinese-American online shoppers.  Singles Day was created by Chinese students (with a marketing push by Alibaba) and now, Dealmoon, the largest shopping-recommendation site for Chinese Americans, has brought Singles Day to U.S. retailers, for which it has sold billions of dollars’ worth since its inception in 2009.

Dealmoon Singles Day



So far, more than 200 retailers will have offers on for Singles Day 2016 (Friday, November 11, 2016) including America’s top six luxury department stores. In addition, Dealmoon is bringing more than 100 U.S. brick-and-mortar stores into the Singles Day shopping windfall for the first time due to its ability to target local customers through its geo-targeting app.

How Does Work?


It is the gateway to five million Chinese-American e-shoppers.  An aggregator of luxury deals served up specifically to this brand-hungry shopper, Dealmoon attracts 24M monthly visits, has 8.5M social followers and the mobile app has been downloaded over 2M times. With a stunning 516 Alexa rating, is one of the world’s leading cross-continental consumer-buying advisory websites with offices throughout the U.S. and China.  Dealmoon’s shopping advisors make product recommendations on exclusives and deals in categories ranging from beauty, apparel, shoes and handbags to electronics, nutrition, baby, home, travel and finance.  Some of the world’s loftiest brands and most revered retailers and e-tailers are listed.  A single posting on Dealmoon has decimated some brands’ entire inventories in a single day or two. With its massive leverage, Dealmoon introduced China’s annual Singles Day to North America’s luxury retailers.

Since Dealmoon introduced Singles Day to U.S. retailers in 2013, U.S. brands have been swiftly learning to take advantage of Dealmoon’s online shopping traffic from brand-hungry Chinese American shoppers. In 2015, Dealmoon brought 180 U.S. retailers to the site with exclusive Singles Day offers — a 600% increase compared to just 30 in 2013. For those retailers, which include a pantheon of the most revered U.S. department stores and coveted luxury brands, captured a record-breaking 3.5 million unique visits and a total of 9.3 million page views when the shopping frenzy began at midnight on November 10 and ended on November 11.

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