POWERLAND AG (Prime Standard / ISIN DE000PLD5558), leading Chinese manufacturer of exclusive luxury handbags and leather goods and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since April 2011, has launched its 2012 Spring/Summer Collection named “NEO.HERITAGE” at Hyatt on the Bund Hotel, Shanghai. The fashion show where attended by more than 200 celebrities, journalists from fashion media as well as leading retailers and franchisees.

The brand new “NEO.HERITAGE” collection is a combination of Sino-Italian aesthetics that perfectly reflects a detailed variation of the classics. The title describes the tension inherent in the new collection and the POWERLAND brand itself. The Greek word “neo” expressed that POWERLAND is new, fresh, young and unusual and on the other hand POWERLAND wears Italian (design) heritage in itself. Inspired by Art Deco, the POWERLAND Designer-in-Chief, Francesco Turchi, spared no effort in detail breakthrough, focusing in bringing new style to the design of handles, sashes, cross and knots of a handbag. In addition, the new collection was designed to go beyond its classic embossed pattern, representing the unique personality of modern women with its perfect match of accessories and leather material, pattern variation and golden lettering. In the entire new collection more Chinese design elements are used, like silhouettes of eight horses – a familiar motif of classical Chinese painting – adorn some POWERLAND handbags. In some editions the leather is provided with an additional gloss effect, whereby the bags seem glamorous, relating to the taste of many Chinese women.

Perfect integration of Chinese and Italian Style

The fashion show was presented by POWERLAND endorser Michele Lee, the former Miss China and a famous superstar in China, along with Li Ai, a Chinese supermodel. As fashion icons, they shared their understanding towards 2012 Fashion Trend with Mr. Turchi who has contributed great classical works to international fashion brands such as GUCCI, Ferragamo, Fendi and TOD’S. He came all the way from Italy with the latest international leather design trends and explicates his design philosophy. “Classical works usually rise from fashion products that have been tested by the passage of time. The fusion of inheritance and innovation gave a rebirth to classical works, establishing the very next monumental classic,” said Mr. Turchi. Turchi was born in the City of Leather, Tuscany / Italy, and has inherited extraordinary craftsmanship and a stealth wealth style from his father. As Designer-in-Chief, Mr. Turchi not only introduced Italian fashion art and perfect craftsmanship into POWERLAND, but also added oriental elegance, establishing POWERLAND as a leading brand in Sino-Italian art fashion.

POWERLAND – a Chinese brand with an individual personality

While international luxury brands offer their globally distributed products more or less unchanged on the Chinese market and Chinese manufacturers often try to copy European products, POWERLAND defines its own way – different and individual. POWERLAND positioned itself as a Chinese brand with strong European heritage, and relies on an independent, unique personality. The designer-in-chief, Mr. Turchi, summarise the personality of the POWERLAND brand “as the result out of its Italian heritage and the Chinese touch.” This individual brand personality has found a large market acceptance. As a strong evidence for this development, POWERLAND has already achieved the market leadership in the segment of affordable luxury products in China. While in 2010 the POWERLAND revenue split between the luxury and the casual segment was one half each, there is strong increase in sales growth for POWERLAND luxury items in 2011. This increase is to be expected to continue in the upcoming years.

Power of love, the charm of the brand

“The Power of Love”, a brand new totem design of POWERLAND was also unveiled during the fashion show, explaining further its design concept — love generates eternal classic. The original classic embossed monogram pattern (PLD) was not only developed into medium-sized noble golden lettering, but also enriched by newly-added tassels and sashes, representing honor and grace.

Michele Lee has much to say when talking about love at the fashion show. “The birth of my son made me realize more of the meaning of love. Love is powerful. It boosts our courage and strength. It fulfills and enriches our life. I believe the world will be better if everyone feels love, expresses love and shares love. That is why my I founded a trust, which is taking care for children from socially disadvantaged families. I wish this trust could encourage more people to express their love, so that our future will be filled with hope,” Michele said.

Mr. Turchi expressed his own understanding of female beauty and charm. “A woman’s charm comes from her inner feeling of love, rather than outward appearance. Willing to contribute sincerely with love speaks her beauty,” he said. A unique embossed JM handbag, naming after Jayden Max, her “most beloved” son, was presented to Michele as a gift, which bears wishes to her family and appreciation from POWERLAND. A lovely small satchel made of Jacquard fabric specially-designed for little Jayden was also shown, with PLD Monogram embossed on it as well, representing the eternal love between mom and son.

With new collection, the company has also continued its guiding theme “POWERLAND.LOVE,” which was first presented at the launch conference for autumn / winter collection earlier this year. “”POWERLAND.LOVE” connotes an upgrade of our brand positioning. While our brand positioning in the past was focusing on the self-esteem, self-identity, confidence and self-respect of successful women, it will be associated in the future with the understanding of love to others as a grace of charity. “This will create a larger potential for our brand building,” explained Shunyuan Guo, CEO of POWERLAND AG.


POWERLAND (ISIN DE000PLD5558, WKN PLD555, Ticker Symbol 1PL) is a leading Chinese producer of fashionable luggage and bags with a main focus on high-quality luxury women’s handbags made of genuine leather. POWERLAND brand is wholly owned by POWERLAND AG the Germany listed company. POWERLAND operates two business segments – a luxury segment under the POWERLAND brand and a casual segment under the Sotto brand. POWERLAND’s operating subsidiaries are located in Fujian province and Guangdong province in China.

POWERLAND first generation embossed pattern was born in 1990s, and has since become the unique mark of POWERLAND. The carefully chosen first-class genuine leather, perfect Italian craftsmanship and the classical embossed pattern help POWERLAND gradually become a warmly welcomed leatherware brand.

For additional information please refer to www.POWERLAND.ag


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