Luxury PR influencer platform branding is the next level of digital marketing. For luxury brands wanting to offer innovative digital solutions to sell more luxury goods online and mobile this is the time.

 With the popularity of social media luxury brands started to change their identity. The problem was never exclusivity, luxury brands can participate in social media. However, a luxury brand engagement in social media should not be like everybody else and this is the major problem because this is what’s happening. Where most luxury brands are chasing the masses on social media…a special offering not intended for the masses.

When social media profiles have millions of followers,  luxury brands pay as much as 100k or more for mere mentions. Oppose to focusing on niche exclusive audiences, luxury brands have sought mass exposure. 

Luxury PR Influencer Platform Branding


The art of luxury press releases serve five powerful influential values for luxury brands: 

  1. Target
  2. Reach 
  3. Attract 
  4. Engage 
  5. Call To Action 

Now you can announce luxury PR news and media on

Why MC Is The Best Place To Circulate Luxury Press Releases? 


Luxury press releases must reach niche target audiences to be the most beneficial. 

Today, luxury businesses need niche programmatic digital marketing solutions. 

If you’re a luxury brand or representative, the biggest problem is getting “luxury news and media” in circulation to the best matched audiences. 

When you distribute and promote your luxury press releases on the MC platform, your announcement is backed with influential credibility known around the world! is the leading “influencer marketing PR platform” catering to luxury brands and luxury professionals. 


Where Will My Luxury Press Release Reach? 

First off, your luxury press release will be originated right here from a mobile digital online source. 

Today, every six “6” out of ten “10” luxury purchases are influenced by digital channels. 

While social media is great for promotions. Luxury brands need origin communications from mobile digital channels to connect with luxury consumers to buy luxury goods, products, and services. 

Purchasing “buying power” inside mobile commerce is up 40% this year. Where “mobile commerce” is now the fasting growing digital channel. 

By choosing to distribute and promote your luxury press release on MC you will reach the ultimate luxury circulation performance.

Syndication announcement pickup on: 

(Your luxury press releases will remain live on MC lifetime and appear where we are syndicated below!) 

Bonus: MC is recognized by Pursuitist among the Best Luxury Blogs.  

MC maintains high profile search rank for “luxury pr influencer platform” on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines! *Others have to advertise for this rank we hold it organic! 

How To Enroll In MC Luxury PR Release Services? 

As you can imagine many luxury brands would like to distribute and promote luxury press releases on MC to reach our niche audience of luxury shoppers and luxury professionals!

MC Luxury PR Release Fees:

All sales are final and non-refundable. 

  • 1 Luxury Press Release : $497 (U.S.Dollars) 
  • 3 Luxury Press Releases: $994 bulk flat rate (U.S.Dollars) 
  • 6 Luxury Press Releases: $1,988 bulk flat rate (U.S.Dollars) 

*There are no inclusion circulation beyond 6 luxury press releases in a one month cycle. 

To ensure that MC continues to maintain the high level of credibility and influence value we are extremely selective, granting inclusion on our platform to only the most extraordinary luxury brands and companies. 


Disclaimer: This is a promotional offer from 

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