Farfetch.com is the ultimate digital marketing website platform when it comes to selling luxury fashion online. This site has mastered curating high fashion directly from their website delivered to the luxury consumer ready to buy!

Upon entry to the very responsive interactive platform, luxury shoppers are invited to join the Farfetch.com newsletter for exclusive access to sale previews, plus new arrivals, trends and promotions…



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How Farfetch.com Works:

When you shop at Farfetch you’re shopping pieces from luxury brands and boutiques around the globe, expertly curated for you by the Farfetch team. They work with brands and boutique partners that are located everywhere from Tokyo to Toronto, from Milan to Miami.. They also proclaim to only work with the very best in the business.

This unique model guarantees the luxury shopper a huge range of pieces to shop, from established luxury brands to the most interesting new designers. Solving a problem with a solution for connecting luxury brands to deliver luxury fashion through “self-actualization” for finding unique styles that simply won’t be found anywhere else.

Farfetch express ships from their partners to over 190 countries worldwide!

Farfetch was founded in London in 2008 by the Portuguese entrepreneur José Neves and now has offices in nine countries globally.


Farfetch’s London Office

WSJ recent article relates:


“A picture is worth a thousand words—and for a luxury retailer, it can sell millions in merchandise.

That’s why Farfetch, an e-commerce site selling designer fashion for more than 500 boutiques and brands world-wide, employs a visual pit crew to prep, style and shoot the tens of thousands of items it sells on its website. Every weekday, the startup posts an average of more than 1,000 new listings, each with at least five different photographs.

The high-speed, high-volume process is something many retailers are investing in. Most luxury purchases still happen in stores, and high-end brands have struggled to translate the seductive in-store environment to flat, static websites.”

Farfetch.com on their website also have a luxury campaign to discover #TheOne piece you’ll need for AW16. Challenging luxury shoppers to get inspired by their curators this season and share Farfetch finds with the community.

Beyond only high fashion, Farfetch.com also offers designer beauty picks! Luxury shoppers may purchase items by luxury and influential designers.

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