Guess who invented branded high-end real estate?? Love, like, or hate “Donald Trump” before his Presidential campaign run he accomplished something with branded high-end real estate for luxury hotels that was never ever done before.


Trump deserves credit for hatching a genuine business innovation: branded high-end real estate. No one had previously created a brand that could be put on an office building or a hotel or an apartment building or a golf course and that would give any of those properties a patina of luxury and success. Trump did it, and the brand was his name. His business strategy over the past 40 years has been to keep himself in the public eye because every mention of his name in the media built the value of the brand.

Branded High-end Real Estate


FORTUNE references that a tweet from self-made billionaire Mark Cuban breaks down Trump’s brand problem conflicting with his campaign run. 

If Trump wins or is defeated it’s the “branded high-end real estate” that will suffer the most.

This Presidential election is all about win or defeat…no real losers this time. 


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