Femmes Sans Peur launches luxury Kickstarter campaign, proving this type of marketing strategy can work with the right target audience. The luxury footwear company has created jewelry-adorned pieces with a focus on comfort, quality craftsmanship and uplifting style.

Watch the video to see why Femmes Sans Peur is the luxury shoes of the future for all women to celebrate their individual beauty.

Femmes Sans Peur

Femmes Sans Peur, introduces shoes that transcend seasons and have women dressing from the feet up with a smile. Christina Jean Durante, Founder & Creative Director, was seeking a fresh approach to empower women through footwear. When she saw that Femmes Sans Peur translated to “Fearless Woman” embodying everything she wanted her shoe lover to be, FSP was born. Bringing globally-inspired creations bursting with color to the designer market without sacrificing comfort for style. Featuring bold statement pieces that will elevate your wardrobe, their coveted collection hits on trends while maintaining the brand’s identity.

Femmes Sans Peur 2 Mosnar Communications

Four FSP styles are available now for pre-order on Kickstarter, for the early bird price of USD $275$300. Are you ready to awaken your soles?

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