Ginika has years of experience working with the hottest brands in the fashion industry. For the last 12 years he has been focusing on learning all aspects of the field and making the connections necessary to take GINIK to the next level. His Italian influence is very apparent and can be found in every fiber of the products he produces. The collection is designed, the creative and production management team have been chosen, and prototypes are ready. Ginika is now ready to bring his new collection to market.


GINIK Mosnar Communications Luxury Branding main

GINIK is a high-fashion luxury brand that blends technology with innovative designs that prioritize both form and function. The brand launched their new collection of beautifully constructed travel and handbags with innovative Smart Fashion Electronic seamlessly integrated for unparalleled convenience of use. These luxurious highly functional bags are handmade from top-grade materials sourced in Italy and offered at half the price of other high fashion competitors.

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The collection includes an array of briefcases and handbags available in several styles. The four main lines are the ultra modern Primavera, the classic Bologna, the ultimate Zanolini and the extra spacious Gioia line. Every bag is made with 100% genuine Italian leather, Neva Viscon lining, and golden detailing. The entire collection features Smart Fashion Electronic technology, a smart electronic drawer with a removable LED light and unbreakable adjustable mirror where small objects like: cosmetics, air tickets, or business cards can be stored and accessed easily without opening the entire bag.

GINIK Mosnar Communications Luxury Branding

As a way to cover production costs, Ginika has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The entire luxury collection of handbags and travel bags are available for pre-order at 40-50% off of their retail value until June 23, 2016.

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