Gucci sweatshirt designer logo collection is the most wanted!

It was the “GG logo” that had us at hello! This Gucci cardigan-style sweatshirt in heavy felted jersey with metallic stars and moon print is stunning with the signature GG logo. It represents everything that’s “So Gucci!”


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Perfect to make every Holiday Gift Guide most wanted wish list is “Gucci Sweatshirt with “Gucci Blade” graphic with sequins on heavy felted cotton jersey. Our editor’s top pick!

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Perfect oversized fit felted cotton jersey with Gucci flowers embroidery. In stunning Gucci brand logo crew neckline for a polished look.

$2,200.00 Order Now

A celebrity favorite is the “Gucci Homme pour Femme” patch with sequins! Perfect chic look in heavy felted cotton jersey will look super stylish for daily wear or any special occasions.

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This collection is insane, hurry to order now while supplies last. Already selling out elsewhere online.

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