VERO WATER managed to create a sensational luxury marketing campaign that produced a demand for the brand to be the leading water brand of choice. In just a few years, Vero has rapidly become the “water brand of choice” among a growing number of the most celebrated chefs and awarded restaurants, hotels and spas – and has expanded nationally to every major metropolitan market in the U.S. Where every aspect of serving VERO WATER is designed to be turnkey for the hospitality industry.   Providing an unparalleled level of service, Vero systems are proactively monitored and maintained, and clients are supported 24/7 by a personal concierge professional with more than five years of experience.

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VERO WATER also meets the growing demands of consumers and the hospitality industry for sustainability. Transforming tap water results in a significant reduction in food miles and carbon footprint versus sourcing, bottling and transporting bottled water, often from various countries thousands of miles away from the establishment. Bottle waste is eliminated as the signature luxury VERO WATER bottles are reusable– sanitized and refilled on-premise. Beyond the luxury look, Vero bottles are created from strong annealed glass and adorned with ceramic ink to handle hundreds of washes.

VERO WATER Luxury Marketing

Vero Water Luxury Marketing Mosnar Communications

The brand launched the debut of  VERO WATER TOWER and a sneak-peek at the VERO+4 at the National Restaurant Show held in Chicago from May 21 – 24 which took place at McCormick Place. Both systems were designed specifically to meet the needs of large independent and national accounts. VERO WATER offers exceptionally great tasting luxury still and sparkling water—on site and on demand—swiftly, profitably, and sustainably by transforming tap water through its proprietary purification system.

VERO WATER tailors its solutions to the exact needs of clients. With a broad range of systems available, VERO WATER offers the most versatile lineup to meet all hospitality demands – from a local bistro to a multi-unit national account.

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Today VERO WATER is a leading provider of luxury still and sparkling water to the hospitality industry. Vero Water is a healthy lifestyle choice for Inspired Living. Vero offers exceptionally great tasting still and sparkling water that is an affordable alternative to bottled water for consumers, more sustainable for the environment, and a more profitable brand for the hospitality industry versus traditional bottled water brands.

Vero’s proprietary purification and bottling process enables hospitality and business clients to purify, bottle and serve Vero still and sparkling water on-premise and on-demand. Served perfectly chilled from a luxury branded bottle with every pour, Vero’s signature taste is pure and crisp – noted by a distinctively luxurious mouthfeel and a light and refreshing finish. A profile that cleanses the palate, enabling the taste of the food and drinks to be at the center of the dining experience. The exceptional water taste and quality, combined with the unparalleled level of concierge service provided to its clients, has propelled Vero Water into many of the most acclaimed restaurants nationwide, firmly establishing it as the water brand proudly served by the most demanding and successful chefs, restaurateurs and owner operators in the hospitality industry. 

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