It seems like luxury events create tons of luxury PR media to highlight luxury brands. Adding great platform influential value to social media for Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. However, especially when watching reality  television known for being notorious at filming around luxury events. The most important question is “are consumers buying luxury goods at these luxury events?” or luxury companies wasting money by sponsoring these types of events….Let’s solve the problem and address the major issues of concern.

Luxury PR communications must be able to introduce and promote luxury brands to high-end consumers influenced to buy luxury goods, products, and services. Holding a luxury event is the center stage to achieve this goal and requires lots of expertise to create a luxury buying mood experience.

Luxury Events

These are top secrets utilized by for how-to use luxury PR communications when hosting luxury events that generate the ultimate buying mood experiences.

Lavish Events Should Generate Selling Luxury Products – At the end of the day every event must have a meaningful purpose and enforce selling more luxury goods available from high-end retailers.

Seek to create the ultimate event theme for a dynamic luxurious shopping experience. Make sure that packaging is well thought out to match the theme. Shopping bags should also standout to set the mood influencing purchases of luxury goods and services. If appointments are being set offer custom envelopes to be seen at the luxury event, this will influence other attendees to set appointments showing off custom envelopes being carried around during the luxury event turning attendees into brand ambassadors.

Event Themes bizbash Mosnar Communications

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2016: 12 Ideas for Using Rose Quartz and Serenity Hues via BIZBASH

Understand The Luxury Target Audience Marketplace – Evaluate who is the ideal “target audience high-end consumer” that can afford to buy luxury goods. For example in San Francisco it’s not just “old money” luxury shoppers but also a new wave of technology startups driving the next generation of luxury shoppers. Where Atlanta’s Silicon Peach (technology scene) is experiencing the same growth potential. There must be a supply to meet the demand for the luxury industry to thrive.  Even with exclusivity and scarcity.

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Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United, Mercedes-Benz stadium via 

Make Connections To Build Relationships –  The biggest asset value to every luxury brand is the strategic ability to make connections and build relationships that produce power-move returns resulting in win-win benefits.

Luxury PR has always been about connections to build relationships, which makes luxury PR still more valuable than social media influence no matter how many millions of followers engaged. True relationships are the most valuable assets that luxury brands can have right now.

Stay Ahead of The Curve – Produce a masterpiece for mixing luxury fashion with technology design also including mobile application “apps” technology. The experience ambience is what sells with the luxury brand’s story. Elements to sell features and benefits without hard selling but building real human relationships. This is how the deal is closed for selling more luxury goods from events.

Build A Influential List – While making connections and building relationships are the primary engine sources for luxury brands to sustain. Building an influential list is also critical to stay connected for further real relationship engagement goals.

Designing a buying mood is all about the experience the luxury brand introduces. This elevates the perception to connect for creating loyal customer relationships that are unbreakable.

Moët & Chandon Luxury Event Mosnar Communications

Don’t forget the closing gift, every luxury event must have a takeaway that builds up to selling the next offering.

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