If you still do not have a Blog for your luxury brand after reading this you might want to start rethinking taking Blogs seriously. A Blog is another avenue for publishing and the Internet is certainly the most cost effective solution to deliver a luxury brand message via a Blog publication.

Content will forever be King and mixing content marketing with commerce ultimately can help luxury brands to sustain in 2011 and beyond. How do luxury brands use Blogs differently today? Well, they don’t exactly call them Blogs anymore. However, the concept is still ultimately the same, an online publication that is interactive covering certain subjects.

Lately the practice is to launch stand alone Blogs with custom URLs. A more luxury lifestyle meaning and personal form of engagement. Like for instance luxury brand LVMH has a Web site called Nowness that features all manner of daily specials.

Why is this practice so relevant for luxury brands? For one it puts the luxury brand in the front seat for delivering a luxury lifestyle brand message. Setting up a publication online that focuses on a luxury niche gives the luxury brand behind the publication influence over the luxury audience.

The new trend is that luxury consumers are turning to online luxury media publications as resources. Net-A-Porter sold for over half a billion dollars, making it one of the most expensive purchases of a consumer publisher.

Luxury brands are heavily targeting luxury consumers in China. So therefore ChineseLuxuryBrands.com a stand alone website serves as an informative resource for Chinese consumers to shop for luxury brands online.

Today online luxury media publications are able to attract luxury brands to place ads because of their influence targeting luxury consumers. Traditional magazines will need to increase their online interactive presence to compete in this arena.


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