Social shopping is so hot! So hot that in fact both Facebook and Google have recognized the revenue potential for this market. Particularly for luxury brands social shopping online is the new frontier in a major way. Which has prompted more major luxury brands to setup online shopping, a practice that was never used before.

Luxury remains a perception but the exclusivity of luxury environments is what makes the culture so unique. Just how relevant is social shopping? Facebook flaunts over 500 million very active users who spend an average of 700 billion minutes per month online. Making the marketing approach to not only promote but find trade and branding inside social network sites possible.

Will people stop to social shop while online? A new world inside social network environments. Certainly it makes is much easier because online socialites don’t have to leave to go shopping. The theory why social shopping online is the new frontier for luxury brands.

The ambience of a domain name is also relevant when it comes to social shopping targeting luxury audiences and Google has that covered. Recently, the search giant purchased flexing their skills for understanding online consumers. adds some celebrity style to the social shopping phenomenal by featuring items used by celebrities. Both Facebook and Google can take some lessons from Gwyneth Paltrow to enhance social shopping experiences, no misprint!

You see Gwyneth Paltrow is doing what will sustain social shopping by producing a lifestyle newsletter. She is able to engage her audience direct and very personal. Expect more luxury brands to add lifestyle newsletter engagement to their social shopping experiences.

Remember you heard about “lifestyle newsletter engagement” first from us! Social shopping is chic and remember to shop luxury wisely.

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