Being in fourth place normally can’t get you noticed for much these days. However being ranked fourth as the trendiest city in the world can capture an wide interest from luxury brands for the best retail space location. For downtown LA it’s all about the fashion community which is made up of celebs, PR professionals, hot stylists, and writers plus fashion bloggers. Finding luxury retail space also means being connected to the hottest luxury retail realtors in LA to get the scoop for the best locations.

There are several factors that push the envelope in Los Angeles retail space especially for luxury brands. It all comes down to location, location, location patterned with the right luxury PR media. If you’re not focusing on luxury PR media for your luxury brand this is something you really need to start doing. The more content management you own by creating influential value in the marketplace will help you to dominate your niche.

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Fashion bloggers have learned how-to master this technique taking to the busiest streets of downtown LA and wearing the latest trends being seeded by the hottest stylist. Celebrities operate in the same arena and use their social media platforms similar to fashion bloggers. However, without more luxury PR media to build content marketing engagement it is impossible to dominate influential credibility in the fashion industry. Journalists lack style appeal and fashion bloggers have not mastered the art of storytelling. Luxury PR media resolves this problem for both of them.

LA For Major Luxury Retail Therapy

The most in-demand luxury retail space in LA include:

1. South Broadway 

This is considered the busiest block for the LA fashion scene and fashion bloggers love to take lifestyle images on this fashion savvy block.

2. Eighth Street 

Here you will find the most in-demand foot traffic with as many as 27,000 people passing by per hour. It’s also the place to be seen wearing what’s hot in fashion trends.

3. Downtown LA

The heart of the LA fashion district is located downtown home to the largest selection of textiles and notions in the United States. Featuring nearly 200 wholesale and retail textile stores.

For emerging up and coming fashion bloggers LA is seemingly the very best place to be. Attracting luxury brands who are quickly ditching malls to be part of the street fashion platform …. It’s all about LA for major luxury retail therapy.

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