Not all blogs are created equal and when it comes to luxury blogs there is a major big difference compared to blogger recognition credibility. Today celebrity bloggers are considered to be more influential than even some celebrities. Then there are those celebrities who could also be celebrity bloggers themselves, making them just as big if not bigger than celebrity bloggers (so it’s complicated). One group standing out from the crowd are fashion bloggers who have mastered the importance of brand awareness. Fashion bloggers are great for exposure but yet they still don’t influence luxury consumers to buy luxury goods (no matter how much they get paid for promotions) and we discussed this earlier, read more here.

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If luxury brands would learn how-to work with influential luxury blogs they could actually sell more luxury goods to the best matched target audiences! Luxury blogs are luxury PR media platforms that have an resource of luxury content assets. Which solves a major problem for luxury brands and that is to connect with high-end consumers to buy luxury goods and services. Luxury blogs may have done an very poor job at creating a demand and need for their services in the marketplace. However, when luxury brands work with influential credible luxury blogs the results are more revenue generated from selling luxury goods. In the luxury blog arena it’s not nearly as much competition to claim the spot as the top blogger or fashion blogger.

How-to Pitch A-List Luxury Blogs

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Typically, luxury blogs have niches that they specialize in for instance Pursuitist defines their niche as “luxury redefined” and Justluxe focuses on “luxury guides and reviews” as their expertise. We have pitched both these A-List luxury blogs and got clients and us some
big time brand awareness exposure that resulted in selling more luxury goods and services.

Rule #1. Establish A-List Luxury Blog Targets

To establish an working relationship with A-List luxury blogs first determine which site platforms have the best influential brand awareness value. The most credible list for the best luxury blogs was created by Pursitist who of course were only left off the list by their editors because they created the list. While this list was completed some years back it still contains the strongest names of the very best luxury blogs operating today and happy to say MC made the cut, too. The A-List luxury blogs listed on Pursitist’s Best Luxury Blogs list all have influence and credibility to connect luxury brands to luxury consumers to make purchases.

Rule #2. Email Pitch Is Preferred

The best solution to reach A-List luxury blogs is by contacting them via email. Focus on pitching story ideas that will be engaging and be informative to their niche audiences. Send an exclusive style original email pitch for the specific A-List luxury blog telling the luxury brand origin with purpose and their mission in the marketplace. Consider that the luxury blog is credible and influential to luxury consumers so make sure to pitch an story idea that will engage and educate in an exclusive manner. Luxury is not for the masses and should be delivered in exclusive storytelling form to reach an desired target audience by solving their problems with an luxury goods offering.

Rule #3. Pay For Sponsored Posts!

Stop asking luxury blogs to feature sponsored content in the form of a free guest post. Over ten years ago this practice was the norm to receive free sponsored content on luxury blogs. However, that was ten years ago and the influence that luxury blogs hold as an content publishing platform can yield big revenues for selling luxury goods by reaching targeted high-end audiences.

The going rate for sponsored featured content on luxury blogs range from $4,500k to over $100,000k for A-List luxury blogs. Generally, this is also because most luxury blogs have an database goldmine in their email list and can connect luxury brands to luxury consumers as well as luxury professionals. is a leading portal platform connecting luxury brands to best kids fashion, designer baby clothes, and family vacations. The average brand collaboration starts at $7,500k and up. Their success is connected to having developer and publishing licenses for three “top application” apps on Apple’s App store. Consisting of CharmPosh Magazine Mini digital magazine app for iPhone, CharmPosh Magazine digital magazine app for iPad, CPKF for iPhone and also CPKF for Android on Google Play. They also have an direct private label brand relationship with Priceline creating an gateway for brands to connect with affluent parents who love kids fashion and family travel.

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Best of luck!

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