As more luxury brands finally come to terms with creating diversity for luxury campaigns….The demanding need to partner with a black brand ambassador is now a true luxury public relations and luxury branding marketing strategy desire. Seemingly the more powerful the black celebrity brand ambassador, the stronger influential value for brand awareness.

However, today black celebrities are making game changing moves and creating their own spin on brand ambassador partnerships. For example Beyonce is on Vogue’s cover for September (fashion) issue, appearing on the September 2015 edition. Setting a traditional game changing move, Queen Bey no longer does face-to-face interviews much these days and will not be granting Vogue any interview for the cover…

Luxury Black Brand Ambassador

Luxury Campaigns Black Brand Ambassador Beyonce Vogue September 2015 1 MosnarCommunications


That’s why we buy the magazine right? Nope,  Beyonce just changed the rules and got everyone to focus on the fashion….She is the Queen of branding for sure.

#1 Beyonce For US Vogue Cover

Beyonce is the first black singer to appear on US Vogue. 

Luxury Campaigns Black Brand Ambassador Beyonce Vogue September 2015 MosnarCommunications

#2 Rihanna For Dior

Rihanna is the first black celebrity ever to represent the almost 70-year-old luxury brand. 

Luxury Campaign Black Brand Ambassador RIHANNA For DIOR 1ST BLACK CAMPAIGN MosnarCommunications


#3 Serena Williams For Aston Martin

Serena is the first black female Chief Sports Officer for Aston Martin. 

Luxury Campaign Black Brand Ambassador Serena Williams Aston Martin MosnarCommunications

#4 Ciara For Roberto Cavalli

Ciara is the new face of Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2015-16. While Ciara is not the first black brand ambassador for Roberto Cavalli, partnering to work with Ciara as their new face of the brand for Fall and Winter 2015/2016 stunned! What a perfect match… 

Luxury Campaigns Black Brand Ambassador Ciara Ciara for Roberto Cavalli MosnarCommunications

Congrats to these amazing ladies making some game changing moves!

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