Okay in their own words NE.TIGER opened China International Fashion Week in style. That’s the beauty of a well written press release the luxury brand can report on their perspective. Which is why more luxury brands should learn how-to write correct press releases. Keep in mind that a press release is not a sales pitch and where typically the majority of luxury brands get it very wrong.

NE.TIGER reported real news to us, delivering all the elements of a good luxury press release. Such as the who, what, when, where, and how. Their call to action was engagement making us want to rush out and BUY their luxury fashions.

A host of celebrities and prominent figures from the fashion industry followed NE.TIGER’s roar, and gathered in Beijing Hotel’s famous Banquet Hall to see China’s premier luxury brand opening the China Fashion Week for the 12th time in a row. The theme of the new 2013 Spring-Summer collection is HUA SONG, which underlines the brands ethos of “bringing antiquity to the present and merging Chinese and Western styles” handsomely. For all we know about the Song Dynasty’s style, we can sum it up in 2 words, elegant and sophisticated. Elegant in a noble way while showing their sophistication through clean and tidy dresses that are simple and not pretentious. All this in an ingenious partnership with 2013 fashion trends featuring light, transparent and pastel colours that sent the audience on a visual journey, carried away to the tunes of ancient Chinese instruments. A connotation of not just East and West but modern technology and ancient/present day cultural diversity.

A total of 39 spectacular dresses emerged from the shadows accompanied by Song Huizong’s famous masterpiece “Ting Qin Tu”. At some stage one might feel dazzled by light. But there were no stars, no real ones at least. SWAROVSKI sent the finest crystals to add a Western touch to the breathtaking display of Chinese tapestry, embroidery, brocade, fusion of colours and bronze printings. Culture is deeply enrooted in a brand and only if you tend the roots, can a tree can grow.

Since its founding days in 1982, NE.TIGER has been nourished and inspired by Chinese tradition and culture but has never forgotten to also look ahead. NE.TIGER sees it as their mission to lead Chinese Haute Couture to the 21st century.

However, to see this show as a simple salute to the Song Dynasty and its culture and customs, would be mistaken. First and foremost NE.TIGER wants to exercise gratitude and appreciation of traditional Chinese customs and values.

During the afternoon, NE.TIGER held a Forum in the Hotel. Four famous Chinese Scholars, Li Dangqi, Wang Shouchang, Yu Ximan and Lu Xiao, were invited to be speakers. The discussion was about the renaissance and innovation of national clothing.

NE.TIGER will keep up their hard work to establish themselves as China’s foremost national clothing company, while at the same time, preserving its inheritance and further developing it so as to incorporate old into new.

Eventually establishing Chinese fashion, amongst Western fashion, as a global player. NE.TIGER wants to represent a new, young and stylish China that is aware of its heritage and ready to emerge into something new.

Let us conclude with NE.TIGER’s founder, Mr.Zhang Zhifeng, own words: ” To people of the Southern Song Dynasty, the love for flowers was more than simple admiration of their beauty, but a symbol to embrace life itself. It’s beauty and richness, simplicity, nature and openness to the world.”

Way to go!

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