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Affiliate marketing should be on every luxury brand radar today. When it comes to this amazing digital PR concept it’s one of the best ways to grow and sustain a luxury brand. Many luxury brands think that because they are established with heritage they simply don’t need to implement affiliate marketing ever. Which is a big “mistake” because affiliate marketing can drive massive revenue  to sell more luxury goods to increase bottom line.

Big name high-end luxury brands and luxury retailers are operating affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate marketing really thrives for the  fashion industry. Hence the demand for fashion blogs and fashion bloggers commanding as much as 100k for exposure on sites and social media platforms like Kayture.com.

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These are a few luxury brands who have launched affiliate marketing programs:

Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Net-a-Porter, Matches, Burberry, Gucci, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, Emporio Armani, Moschino, Valentino and Selfridges.

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We love using affiliate marketing at MC and generate a great deal of revenue from not only selling affiliate marketing products but consulting luxury brands on how to implement and grow affiliate marketing strategies. However, when it comes to affiliate marketing in the luxury industry it requires a different engagement experience. Luxury goods and services require an superior level of expertise and luxury brands turn to “MC” mainly because we are an pioneer influential leader in luxury public relations, luxury marketing, and lifestyle how-to practices.

To promote luxury goods through affiliate marketing is a win-win solution for both the brand and the brand ambassador. For luxury goods an brand ambassador is the one promoting the affiliate marketing product. So the concept is “not to” think like an affiliate marketer or reseller but an brand ambassador.

Luxury Goods Affiliate Marketing

These are some great examples of how to generate affiliate marketing revenue as a brand ambassador for luxury goods.

#1 Don’t Sell

As a brand ambassador you should not attempt to sell luxury goods and services. Repeat, as an brand ambassador you should never try to persuade the luxury consumer to buy or make a purchase.

Focus on creating brand awareness engagement that tells a brand’s story for the purpose of existence. The brand ambassador has to be informative about the luxury goods and services by promoting the offer over trying to sell the offer. This is the biggest common mistake made in most affiliate marketing promotions, trying to sell the offer through features and benefits.

#2 Target Luxury Consumers By Problems

This is what every good brand ambassador does best. Targeting luxury consumers by their problems and being able to present best matched luxury goods and services as the solution to solve the problems. This is how an brand ambassador can generate enormous wealth through affiliate marketing and reseller relationships. Also why fashion bloggers are in the hottest demand because they understand this theory to research and promote luxury fashion.

#3 Be Influential Build Credibility

A really good brand ambassador is the best expert on the luxury goods or services they promote. Think exactly like celebrities do, celebs often make claims to also use the products and services they endorse. Luxury consumers must view a brand ambassador as influential and credible before they trust their recommendations. The most important role of an brand ambassador is to be trustworthy.

It’s important to view an affiliate marketing or reseller partnership as a strategic alliance relationship.

#4 Protect Brand Identity

As a luxury brand ambassador you must always protect the brand identity for the luxury goods and services you will be promoting. This means that every aspect of your digital PR must also be inline with the luxury goods or services mission and purpose in the luxury marketplace.

A brand ambassador must be able to demonstrate the significance for why and how luxury goods and services will be the solution to solve a problem. By using content marketing this is an “no selling approach” to target and attract luxury consumers who prefer exclusive experiences. One of the very best resources for maintaining an superior content marketing strategy is to optimize content creation.

MC highly endorses and love using Scribe for content marketing optimization.

#5 Engage At All Times

The sustaining value of a brand ambassador depends on the ability to engage with luxury consumers. Implement an email campaign strategy to collect names and build a  database of luxury consumers eager to learn about luxury goods and services that can solve their problems. Creating an target audience of luxury consumers interested in what a brand ambassador is promoting. These influential recommendations coming from the brand ambassador lead to generating more revenue for the luxury goods and services offer.

When it comes to email marketing software we highly recommend using Aweber. This is an email marketing solution we endorse and use for MC projects and clients to implement engagement email marketing campaigns that work.

Now go out and be the best brand ambassador on the planet. Need a little help?? Contact us in confidence via postmaster@mosnarcommunications.com

Disclaimer: MC receives financial contributions from affiliate partners and sponsored promotions in this article. 

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