Luxury male grooming is a digital marketing sector that “rarely” spreads through word of mouth. Generally, men don’t gossip about their grooming products or even share grooming tips among other men.

Is the luxury industry ignoring men’s beauty and missing out? Men’s beauty is one of the fastest growing categories in the marketplace, the demand has increased 5 percent each year since 2010 and were worth $47.17 billion in 2015! 

Luxury Male Grooming


Co-owners Emmitt Smith of The Gents Place and President Ben Davis

There is a demand for luxury male grooming and maybe inviting men to a gents grooming club is the perfect solution. 

The Gents Place, an ultra-premium men’s grooming and lifestyle club, is aggressively targeting expansion throughout the state of Florida.  Adding the artful fusion of traditional men’s grooming techniques paired with modern spa amenities and service offerings to the Sunshine State. 

As part of its expansion efforts, the men’s grooming and lifestyle club aims to open at least 18 franchise locations, targeting major cities including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Naples, Orlando and Jacksonville, among others.

Additionally, NFL Hall-of-Famer and co-owner of The Gents Place Emmitt Smith will play an integral role in the brand’s success throughout the Florida market and beyond. A native Floridian and inductee into the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame, Smith joined The Gents Place executive lineup after becoming a member in Dallas, crediting the quality of service and unparalleled guest experience for sparking his entrepreneurial interest in investing in the brand.

Celebrity Luxury Male Grooming Endorsement


Biotherm Home teamed with David Beckham for their skincare campaign. Biotherm Homme, N°1 in premium men’s skincare1, introduced Force Supreme: The Story of My Life a film featuring David Beckham. 

The video, shot by acclaimed director Johan Renck, celebrates the legendary sportsman’s life story as told through his extraordinary body of ink.  

Standing for a generation of men who are traveling, working and living more throughout their 40s, David Beckham remains a grooming icon and a role model. Beyond his 40s, his success story is still being written. And he decides how to tell it for the exclusive Biotherm Homme Force Supreme campaign.

Something most women can agree on is that “there is nothing more attractive” than a well groomed manly man. 

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