When it comes to scoring publicity Rihanna always knows how to make headlines. However, luxury PR is somewhat different and Rihanna’s camp may have to get some lessons in luxury public relations. The concept of a specialty 777 tour aboard Rihanna’s plane with press invites and fans? Sounds like a crash waiting to happen.


Rihanna’s 777 Tour, which kicked off Wednesday, took journalists and fans on a seven-day, seven-country tour in celebration of the release of her new album Unapologetic (out Nov. 19) – all on board a tricked-out Boeing 777. But the sky-high adventure has taken a slight nosedive, with passengers getting cranky – and a little crazy – according to various online reports and Tweets from passengers aboard the plane.

The 250 guests, including reporters from MTV, Fuse and VH1, have been keeping fans on the ground posted, and Rolling Stone’s Jeff Rosenthal is one of many keeping a diary of his experiences. “Def Jam’s ever-present staff has done its best to meet the needs of a too-large operation. The amount of money spent on this whole thing could sink a boat,” he reported.

But the pricey plane hasn’t made for the most comfortable trip, according to some reports, which document hunger, fatigue among passengers, as well as the pop star’s relative lack of engagement with the press on the flight.

A blogger for MTV wrote on Sunday night during an overnight flight from Berlin to London, where Rihanna is scheduled to perform on Nov. 19, “Long waits on tarmac and in buses, no sleep, and no sightings of her royal highness since our initial ascent into the skies has the denizens of the Rihanna plane feeling restless.”

“Crowd chanted ‘Just one quote!,’ ‘I need a headline!’ and ‘Occupy 777’ while Aussie journo stripped naked and ran around the plane,” journalist Jason Newman Tweeted, describing some of the onboard activity. (Video of the Australian reporter streaking on the flight has also surfaced online.)

Journalist Mary H.K. Choi also chimed in: “The Australian with the harmonica STREAKED the plane as the press corp chanted. #RIHANNAPLANE #WHEREHAVEYOUBEENALLTHISFLIGHT,” she Tweeted.

Just a thought, luxury should be exclusive… That’s luxury PR 101!

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