The Women’s Luxury Guild has put in place programs and incentives for luxury corporations and executives all designed to provide helpful integration to empower and educate female employees and luxury industry entrepreneurs. Events and programs which are significant to demographics accounted for within the guild are centered on pertinent awareness building such as fashion weeks for designer members, conferences and expos, including initiatives specific to women of color and luxury students. Creating such diverse programs allows the Women’s Luxury Guild to be a holding center for all industry issues pertaining to women within the industry. The Women’s Luxury Guild will also debut their member-only digital magazine OPULENT which caters to the female luxury executive lifestyle.

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With an 85% female consumer base, women have a powerful commercial influence in the luxury industry. It’s no secret that despite this strong purchasing power, the luxury industry pauses on progression for gender diversity within the boardroom. Some of the world’s most luxurious brands have yet to embrace women in their top executive seats. The Women’s Luxury Guild was created in order to assist women within executive positions that look to excel to the next level and for entrepreneurs seeking opportunities to break ground within the luxury industry. With support systems built in place for luxury industry women, the Women’s Luxury Guild has been structured to be the safe point for tapping in, to learn more about gender problems in specific business areas and how to solve them. “Our message is very clear; we are not here to segregate but to integrate. We want women to know how to play well with men. To come in with a domination mindset is a common misconception and it’s a strategy that will not work” says Laura Hinds, Founder & Chairman for the Women’s Luxury Guild.

The Women’s Luxury Guild will announce their official board of directors early January 2013. The Women’s Luxury Guild aims to secure pioneers and lead women who have made substantial contributions and impact within the luxury industry around the world.


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