For luxury retailers getting high net-worth consumers to buy in-store is a major problem. As the comforts of online luxury shopping demand grows more consumers are making their purchases online over inside retail stores these days. No big deal right? Well, many luxury brands don’t offer the same luxury goods and products online that they do in-store. Also, many consumers shopping for luxury goods in-store are not planning to buy inside the store but later online.

This means that when luxury consumers visit luxury retail outlets they browse and look around without making purchases. An luxury consumer shopping act known as “showrooming” where the high net-worth individual only looks but will buy likely online or online even somewhere else.

Michael Kors Spring 2014 3Photo credit Michael Kors

The best way for luxury retailers to attract luxury consumers to buy in-store is to start courting consumers online and mobile. To influence ultra wealthy shoppers to buy engagement is the key element.

In-Store V.I.P  Email 

Every time that a luxury consumer enters a luxury retail outlet all sales associates must be eager to capture their email address. Providing a special V.I.P invitation via email about in-store only events. Those special exclusive offerings that will be available only inside the store for purchase.

Sponsor Apps

Luxury retailers should consider sponsoring mobile apps on platforms like Apple’s App Store and on iTunes that reach luxury consumers faster. A solution to engage using text messaging campaigns to attract luxury consumers in-store with exclusive offers.

Apple Luxury Luster FashionPhoto credit Apple

Luxury PR Campaigns  

It is very important that luxury retailers focus on creating brand awareness and exposure. Creating luxury PR campaigns that educate luxury consumers about luxury goods and products. An ideal solution to attract luxury consumers in-store to purchase luxury goods and products.

Appointment Settings 

Here is where luxury retailers can score big by setting appointments with luxury consumers to come into their stores. This is the perfect time to arrange more than a chance meeting but a prearranged appointment to buy and purchase. Pick up the phone find out what luxury goods and products luxury consumers are interested in buying. Arrange in-store appointments to meet with sales associates and offer exclusive meetings to purchase luxury goods in-store.

Luxury Brand Management 14Photo credit Tiffany

If luxury retailers want to remain exclusive they still can. However, luxury retailers need to use marketing strategies to engage and attract consumers to buy in-store. For luxury brands to drive luxury consumers inside stores to make purchases, takes more engagement and creative implementation of in-store events. offers luxury PR evaluations and tips for as little as only $199 a month! Receive luxury PR expert insight to drive more luxury sales for luxury brands … Exclusive offer and limited availability, please contact in confidence Ann Lane via .

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