Melania Trump not guilty of plagiarism? Not guilty for reason of “insanity” either,  Melania Trump presented a speech at the Republican National Convention that rocked the nation. The real dilemma is did Mrs. Trump commit plagiarism or did she just pull off the “greatest rebranding” moment in history?

In her speech Melania is being accused of sounding identical to a speech given by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2008.

If you think that the speeches are very similar and sound a lot alike, this is likely what Trump’s campaign was hoping to achieve and it worked. America reacted!

Everybody is talking about Melania Trump, until now she was just the lady seen mostly wearing pink designer clothes. Now she has been rushed into the spotlight and even accused of plagiarism, stealing from First Lady Michelle Obama…a shameless insult or Melania Trump’s new claim to fame?

Does this digital marketing luxury exposure make Melania Trump seem like a bad ass, like her hubby?

You bet, she takes what she wants “she is” Melania Trump! Her brand personality is defined, no longer is she in the shadow and she is now in the running to be the First Lady of the United States of America… After all she is competing against President Bill Clinton, an extreme showman set to give Melania a real run for her billions. It’s showtime folks and this political campaign just shifted into a thrilling adventure good laughs for us all.

Melania Trump Not Guilty Of Plagiarism

Melania Trump 2 Mosnar Communications Digital Marketing For Luxury

I’m going to finally give my input on did Melania Trump steal from First Lady Michelle Obama in her 2008 speech?

So I shall borrow from Steve Jobs, who borrowed from Picasso…Wow, okay-okay this is how stuff works!

Steve Jobs was the master of taking great ideas and rebranding them into extraordinary products in the marketplace!  So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, many entrepreneurs never get this…

According to Picasso, “Good artists copy, great artists steal” and that’s what Steve Jobs often quoted. The great Steven Jobs many times stated “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.”

Melania Trump likely purposely meant to rebrand ideas in First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. However, Mrs. Trump didn’t do such a very good job at stealing the ideas by “customizing” to make them her own. Like adding some current event situations beyond 2008, that would have really made the “great artist steal” a home run idea!

However, Melania Trump certainly did achieve one thing… she pulled off the “greatest rebranding” moment in history! I’m talking break the Internet digital marketing achievements.

Melania Trump Mosnar Communications Digital Marketing For Luxury

Rebranding Ideas Rules:

  • When rebranding ideas always customize the idea to make it “your” luxury brand’s very own solution to the problem concept.
  • Develop the idea to fit into your luxury brand’s culture, inclusion for the idea adding value to purpose and mission.

Like for instance when you rebrand an idea already in the marketplace. Present new solutions for solving problems.

  • Make the idea invention a creation that is customized from your perception beliefs. Research problems and offer solutions from a new perspective idea invention to attract a following and build a loyal customer base.

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