Coronavirus survival for luxury brands will depend on communications exposure in a pandemic crisis. A luxury brand shouldn’t be waiting to make powerful marketing moves, the time to act is now and fast. Reacting later will be much too late or result in going out of business.

The biggest mistake most luxury brands are making right now is by suspending their marketing and advertising campaigns.

“Out of sight also means out of mind!”

Once the Coronavirus, COVID-19 became a global pandemic the majority of luxury brands immediately rushed to suspend all their marketing and advertising campaigns for March and April, in China this reaction had started to occur sooner in February.

Impacts of COVID-19 wasn’t in luxury PR, marketing, or advertising forecasting projections. However, luxury brands can still use all three to navigate crisis management and even drive luxury sales in times of massive uncertainty.

Luxury brands must become innovative to meet demanding digital marketing needs.

These are top power marketing moves to
initiate, that can boost your luxury brand for Coronavirus survival.

Blockchain Websites Digital Locations

Bring gamification futuristic reality to digital locations by incorporating e-commerce and live streaming for promoting luxury brands on Web 3.0 online inside Blockchain Websites!

Calabasas.Crypto is the perfect digital location, a “Dot Crypto Blockchain Domain” developed as a Blockchain Website and sits on top of Ethereum’s Blockchain published to the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

The Calabasas location is more famous for its many residents who are celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Kylie Jenner, Drake, Justin Bieber, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Selena Gomez, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and many more.

Promote your luxury brand content and events on Calabasas.Crypto, rent or buy this Blockchain Website for live streaming product demonstrations, content marketing, luxury branding promotions, etc.

Online Conferences Digital Networking


Online conferences through digital networking, will become the new normal for luxury marketing engagement. Expand peer-to-peer networking and promotions for luxury brand awareness.

What online conferences should offer luxury brands are enhanced marketing platforms to address industry needs, global issues, and concerns among top thought leaders.

Through participating in online conferences and sponsorships luxury brands will be able to share insightful experiences, expertise, company news, marketing promotions, etc.

Introducing successful case studies is perfect for online conferences in digital networking.

Luxury Content Blogging Engagement


Luxury content blogging engagement is the most important focus area during the global pandemic and beyond, that every luxury brand should pay very close attention to for revenue growth and sustainability for the future.

“Is your luxury brand content relevant and up to date on the website?”

Most luxury brands are often aware that they need help in this area. However, until now they haven’t put any luxury content blogging engagement strategies in place.

Typically, article writing services don’t provide authentic content that can drive traffic and influence luxury consumers to buy online.

Most luxury brands we consult all agree with their content purchased from article writing services receive little traffic and result in no online sales.

“Article writing services are designed to support the masses and not luxury expertise.”

Many article writing services produce a deep spin mixture of other content already available online. Which search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo recognizes the tactics and don’t pick up these specific blog posts.

How often do you post original engaging content with videos, including success stories or case studies on your site??

The answer to that question is likely not often or not enough. can help by providing Luxury Content Blogging Engagement, pre-written content available for purchase to drive traffic and get results for online sales.

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VIP Virtual Meetings With Customers 


VIP virtual meetings with customers will also become another new normal for luxury brand engagements. Letting clients know that you value them and care about them as a company is very important, especially during a global pandemic crisis.

Use virtual meetings to find out what luxury goods, products, or services that VIP customers desire and need. Discuss delivery and timeline delays because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Loyal luxury consumers are willing to prepay for luxury goods, products, and services through open communications.

Luxury Press Releases Communications

content is king influencer Mosnar Communications

Luxury press releases are the ultimate solution for luxury brands to keep communications dialogue going with their audiences.

Distributing a luxury press release on a digital platform related to luxury PR is a marketing and promotional strategic approach for raising influential brand awareness.

MC is the ultimate place to promote luxury press releases for digital marketing promotions.

Promote luxury press releases on social media channels and on the company’s website. Drive massive traffic and brand awareness for luxury marketing publicity exposure. Submit a luxury press release on, Go Here

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